Friday, 25 June 2010

Sketchy time

some more bits and bobbs from the sketchbook mostly nonsense but there are a couple of concepts for the 'my story' project i'm working on a couple of background sketches and a pan from the storyboard for that as well as one sketch for another project. hope you, whoever this may or not be, enjoys

It's Gerald!

Haven't really put much up I know. this is Gerald the nearly naked man. stop motion puppet i made for one of the projects there are a few animation tests and things for him but i haven't yet been able to get hold of them as the recordings are all analogue.

Friday, 4 June 2010

More Photo Joy

some this time from a place called Shimo-Kitizawa, really cool looking, for those who know my unnecessarily great love of higldy pigledy streets, wires and pipes should understand my joy at this kind of place.


Photo time ... Izu, think thats how you spell it

Some photos from just after I got here so pretty old. Joe who owns the guest home i'm at took a few of us for a trip to his house out of tokyo for the weekend, stunning place. didn't get that many photos though.