Thursday, 12 August 2010

The big My Story Storyboard Post (bit of a mouthful)

The story boards for the My Story project, some of them are out of sequence so i hope it makes sense.

There is also some discrepancy between the boards and what made it into the final piece, mostly due to the challenge of getting the visuals to stick to the narration whilst having the narration read at a pace that seemed suitable. In the end there were several sequences that I would have liked to include but either didn't fit or simply didn't really add anything to the narrative, lessons learnt I guess. The whole thing is pretty rough as it was only going to me that was using it and it went under so many changes that having clean drawings just wasn't practical

One thing that I did find a great help was working in this format for the boards. Working vertically without significant spaces between the images I feel makes the whole process both faster as it is easier to judge where parts of the composition fit compared to one another, and makes figuring out action more intuitive. In some ways it feels more like animating or at least working out key poses which I really enjoyed.

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