Sunday, 15 August 2010

The Big Run project post

This project ran between June 10th and July 17th

I'll begin by saying that due to the circumstances this whole project has been more or less a complete mystery to me. Beginning on the 10th of june taking over from the pantomime class for the second half of the term, from what I could gather required students to create a 30 to 40 second piece that included running or walking, that's about all I could deduce as unfortunatly the tutor for the class spoke no English and much of the lessons themselves revolved around students having one to one tutorials on their ideas as they progressed.

I will post as much of the relevant sketchbook work and supporting material that i produced and try and give it some context although i was approaching it as more of an exercise in action rather than story so as a result it doesn't really make too much sense in the state that it ended up.

I had intended to include a more complex sequence in the opening that I ended up having to cut that included lots of stumbling but it dawned on me pretty quickly that that was simply going to eat up too much time that I really didn't have anyway.  

In the end there was no real semblance of a story to the piece and it was still far far from finished but I was fairly satisfied with the piece of animation that I was able to complete and the boards for the last section at least were probably complex enough that they got the aim of what the action should be, albeit in a very minimally animated way. I definately think that for my third year work I need to both leave myself plenty of time to complete the work to the standard that I want and above all do my best to not overcomplicate things with needless complicated animation that really add nothing. 

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