Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Big Run Storyboard Post

This storyboard like the one for the my story project was designed to be used by me and so is missing elements such as backgrounds in many of the shots. In retrospect this may have saved time and allowed me to go deeper into the actions of the character but meant that the framing wasn't always that interesting and it was hard to get a feel for the overall composition.

There are certain aspects of it like the end sequence that do work but unfortunatly some it is out of sequence and  on boards that are a different aspect ratio. This wasn't particularly a problem at the time as these sections were mostly to fill in parts of the animatic that weren't working, but viewing them on their own doesn't always make sense.

The entire opening section didn't make it in the end as it really wasn't working in the state that I had it in near to the end of the project but i'll include it here.

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